Drunk Man Bites Friend Over Free Enchiladas

A drunk guy was demanding free food when he decided to take a bite out of another man instead

Wikimedia/Mark Mitchell

A drunk man in Texas started demanding free enchiladas from a restaurant, and when his friend tried to stop him, the guy bit his ear off. 

A drunk man in Texas decided this week that he was entitled to some free enchiladas, but when they failed to appear for him, he reportedly took a bite out of one of his friends instead.

According to Dallas News, the man was already drunk when he showed up at a restaurant called Cowboy Chicken at around 9 p.m. on Thursday and demanded an order of chicken enchiladas. A restaurant employee informed the man that he could have some enchiladas, but he would have to pay for them. At that point, the man reportedly became very belligerent with the hapless employee.

In an attempt to intervene, one of the drunk man’s friends tried to get him to calm down and stop losing his mind over enchiladas. They both wound up taking it outside, however, and it soon turned into an actual brawl.  

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During the fight, the man who wanted the enchiladas reportedly bit a huge chunk of his friend’s ear off, then ran away when he saw what he’d done. The friend just sat down and waited for police to come and give him a ride to the hospital, but he has reportedly decided not to file charges.