Drunk Driver Attempts To Evade Police By Posing As Cook

In an attempt to evade police after a hit-and-run accident, an extremely drunk man in Nanjing reportedly ran into a nearby restaurant and started working at the lobster station, insisting he'd been there the whole time.

"I am just a cook here, I am definitely not the driver of that car," the man told police, who had tracked him to a Mercedes he had allegedly abandoned in the middle of the road after running nose-first into a parked vehicle. The man was reportedly still visibly drunk at the time.

According to Shanghaiist, the accident seriously damaged seven cars when the driver crashed into a parked car, ramming it into the car behind it, and that one into the car behind it, and so on for at least five cars. Police investigated, but witnesses had seen the driver exit the car and dart away after the accident, leaving the Mercedes in the intersection.

Police then found a man who looked just like the witnesses' description of the perpetrator cooking lobsters at a nearby roadside restaurant. He was still visibly drunk, but insisted he was just a cook and had been tending lobsters there the whole time.

Police considered the alibi until the restaurant's owner turned up and said he had no idea where the faux lobster cook had come from and that he'd never seen him before in his life.