Drunk Driver Hires Fortune-Teller to Find Car

A man got so drunk he lost his car and had to turn to magic to find it
Wikimedia/Anna Frodesiak

A drunk driver forgot where he parked his car and wound up hiring a fortune teller to look for it. 

A man in China downed so much baijiu recently that his night turned into a real-life version of Dude, Where’s My Car? and now it’s been so long since he saw his long-lost Jeep that he actually hired a fortune-teller to locate it mystically.

According to Shanghaiist, the man is identified only by his surname, Wang, and he reports that he was out playing mahjong with friends one night and drinking a “reasonable” amount of baijiu, a Chinese “white liquor” that is a very strong, clear grain alcohol. At one point during the evening he was phoned by a friend to come join a different drinking party, so he jumped into his gray Jeep and drove off to meet them, despite already being seriously intoxicated.

The drunk driver spent a long time looking for a place to park, and when he finally found one he was far enough away that he took a taxi to his second drinking session, where he drank a whole lot more baijiu.

By the time he left, he had no idea where his car was. He’s been looking ever since.

"I spent a lot of time looking for a place to park. Perhaps I went into a Hutong and parked my car there,” he said. “After I parked my car, I took a taxi to join my friends."

Wang searched the area and the nearby Hutong--very narrow streets common in the north of China--but he still has not located the vehicle. Finally, he turned to magic, but the fortune-teller he consulted was unable to pinpoint the Jeep’s location.

We asked a fortune teller to tell us where the car was parked,” Wang said. “He just said that the car would be found within 50 days."


The clock is ticking on that prediction, but Wang says he’s still looking. Even if it never turns up though, for driving as drunk as he was, Wang was lucky to get away with just a lost car.