Drunk Driver Claims She Only Drank 15 Non-Alcoholic Beers

A woman arrested for drunk driving last week is insisting that she could not be at fault because she only drank 15 non-alcoholic beers, but police are skeptical because her blood-alcohol content was four times the legal limit when she was arrested.

According to Sora News 24, the woman caused a wreck in Fukuoka City, Japan, on May 8 when she drifted into oncoming traffic and hit a car carrying a man and his four-year-old daughter. Somehow nobody was seriously hurt in the accident, but when the woman's BAC test showed her blood alcohol content was four times the legal limit, she was promptly arrested for drunk driving. But she says she could not possibly have been drunk, because she says she "only" drank 15 non-alcoholic beers that night.

Non-alcoholic beers in Japan don't actually have an alcohol content, but they used to have about .5 percent alcohol. Even in that case, though, a person would have a very difficult time drinking enough of those quickly enough to get a BAC level of four times the legal limit. Nobody seems to be buying the woman's excuse, because 15 of anything would be a whole lot to drink in one night. Considering that her blood alcohol level was four times the legal limit and she drove her car into oncoming traffic and caused an accident, it doesn't sound like police will be giving her story the benefit of the doubt.