Drunk Big Tipper Returns to Get Money Back

A customer left a very generous tip, but had some remorse when he sobered up
Pile of hundred dollar bills tip


A waiter thought he'd been given a $1,000 tip, but the customer came back to get it when he sobered up.

The news is full of stories of generous restaurant customers bestowing huge tips on servers at bars and restaurants. Amy Schumer recently left $1,000 for the bartenders at a performance of Hamilton, but not all big-tippers are celebrities, so this weekend one server thought he’d been blessed with a big tip from a very generous and deep-pocketed patron, but the tipper came back the next day to ask for it back.

According to Time, the customer at Thailicious in Denver left a $1,088 tip on a $60 bill over the weekend. That’s a huge tip, but that sort of thing is not unheard of. Still, the restaurant owners were concerned about it, so they say they decided to hold onto it for a little while to make sure the customer didn’t come back for it. The next day, he did.

The embarrassed customer reportedly told the owners that he was really drunk when he left the big tip. He said he’d forgotten how much money he had on him, and somehow he left a big pile of $100 bills on the table for the server.

The restaurant returned the money. The whole thing was probably a disappointment to the server, who thought he’d been given $1,000, but the customer reportedly left a $100 tip anyway. It’s not $1,000, but it’s still a very generous tip on a $60 bill.

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