Drunk Birds Fall All Over Road, Cause Huge Traffic Jams

A bunch of drunk starlings started dropping from the sky


A whole flock of starlings dropped from the sky over an Austrian highway, and ornithologists say it was because they couldn't hold their alcohol. 

Drivers in Austria who were innocently trying to get where they were going this week suddenly found themselves in “a horror movie” when a cloud of birds started dropping onto the road and flying right into moving cars, and experts now say all the birds were drunk on berries.

According to The Local, the birds were falling all over themselves along a stretch of highway between Inzersdorf and Vösendorf in Austria, causing a miles-long traffic jam that annoyed everyone, and freaked a lot of people out.

Bird experts were initially confused as to why the birds were acting like that, but they quickly figured out that some nearby berries had been left to ferment on the bushes, and the birds had found them and eaten as many as they could. The berries had turned alcoholic on the bushes, and the whole flock of starlings got falling-down drunk on them.

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Once science had confirmed that the birds were dropping because of booze and not because it was the end of days, the delayed motorists had a good laugh about it. The bird carnage was eventually cleaned up and everyone went on their way. No humans were reportedly injured in the incident.