Drunken Bachelor Party Causes Plane Diversion

One does not normally expect the old, "Keep it down or I'll turn this car around," threat to apply to airplanes, but apparently it does. This week a drunken bachelor party got so out of hand on one Ryanair flight that the pilot landed the plane in Germany just to kick them off.

According to The BBC, a bachelor party full of British guys was on its way from London to the Slovak capital Bratislava for a party. They decided to start early, though, and got "massively drunk," according to witnesses. They refused to follow crew instructions, and when the flight attendants refused to give them any more alcohol, they reportedly got aggressive. One was reportedly singing loudly, another started flashing people, and then they started fighting each other.

At that point, the pilot diverted the flight to Berlin to kick them off.

German police were at the airport waiting for them, and the groom and five of his friends were arrested and now face a fine of up to 25,000 euros, or $27,000 each. Six other members of the bachelor party were not behaving so badly and were allowed to continue on to their destination.