DrinkSavvy Cup Detects Rape Drugs In Drinks

While it's more than a little depressing that we live in a world where these cups are necessary, DrinkSavvy's plastic cup design should probably be used at every bar, house party, and rave, ever.

The start-up, which is getting funding through Indiegogo, is working on creating plastic cups and straws that change color when they detect GHB, a commonly used rape drug.

These drugs are often odorless, colorless, and tasteless, meaning it's often impossible to know if your drink has been tampered with. DrinkSavvy founder Mike Abramson has collaborated with Dr. John MacDonald, a chemistry professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, to develop a material that reacts to the presence of date rape drugs. "We all know not to leave our drinks unattended, but the reality is it's impossible to keep an eye on your drink all night...[With DrinkSavvy] that means discrete, 100 percent effortless, and continuous drink monitoring throughout the night," Abramson said.

Current prototypes show that a plastic cup detecting GHB will have red stripes, while a straw will turn red if it detects GHB. Check out the pitch below; currently the project has raised almost $19,000 of its $50,000 goal.