Drinks That Taste Just Like Girl Scout Cookies

What can you do once the Girl Scout cookie sale is over and Samoa mourning sets in? Make drinkable cookies!

Love tagalongs? We've got a way to tide you over until next Girl Scout cookie season.

How do you buy your Girl Scout cookies? One or two impulse purchase boxes outside you grocery store, or in bulk from a next-door neighbor, squirreling them away in the back of a pantry in hopes that they’ll last until next season?

Drinks That Taste Just Like Girl Scout Cookies (Slideshow)

Better yet, how do you eat your Girl Scout cookies?

Do you patiently place your Thin Mints in the freezer, maybe doing some laundry or earnestly watching a documentary on price deflation in the burrito wars while diligently awaiting your frozen dessert?

Or do you tear open those Tagalongs with your teeth in the parking lot, freeing them from their cardboard jail as you unhinge your jaw and just pour ‘em in?

Both ways are not only acceptable, but proper, because Girl Scout cookies are all about overindulgence for a good cause – the only time that buying ten boxes of cookies feels like a charitable act.

You should feel good about buying those boxes: that sweet, sweet cookie revenue is helping to buy supplies and pay for travel expenses for your very own local Girl Scouts, so buy up, eat up, and then buy more!

But what do you do when the cookie sale is over and Samoa mourning sets in? You drink your sads away, obviously. These cocktail recipes are based on the most popular Girl Scout cookies and are delicious enough to cure your withdrawals until next year.


Bonus: if for some reason you have leftover cookies, they make great garnishes to each recipe!