The Drinks Gift Guide For Guys

It's been my experience that guys are basically impossible to shop for, and this particularly obnoxious quality is never more apparent — or as annoying — than around the holidays. When it comes to their Christmas wishes, men can be singularly uncommunicative ("I don't know. Anything. Stuff.") or snarky ("I've always wanted to go skydiving — in space!"). Neither of these is an especially helpful approach, and considerate gift-givers are often at loose ends to find something that is both remotely practical and will definitely be enjoyed by the recipient (a man can only own so many pairs of socks, after all).

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The heart of the problem — aside from men's tendency toward the uncommunicative — is that the guys in my life and I tend to have very few of the same interests, present-wise: most of the men on my Christmas list are pretty indifferent about gigantic statement earrings, sweaters that feature skulls, and fox-themed housewares (in case anyone still shopping for me is reading this).

However, it's a fact that all men drink — although not every one of them enjoys the same type of beverage. Enter our perfect, last-minute Christmas guide for every guy in your life: we've rounded up the go-to goods for all the gents on your list. Whether you're dating an unapologetic hipster, your best friend is a serious coffee connoisseur, or you need to find a last-minute gift for your football-obsessed brother, this guide will help you select the perfect Christmas present.