Drinking Vinegar May Have Skin Benefits

The newest health craze is vinegar shots, which reportedly improve the complexion

They say there’s a price to pay for beauty. Turns out, it may come in the form of one really pungent drink.

Some restaurants have recently begun offering shots of vinegar juice as a skin-boosting beverage, the New York Daily News reports. Apple cider vinegar has many alleged health benefits, the article claims, stemming from the beta carotene in the apples which acts as an agent for anti-aging. By drinking the vinegar (around two teaspoons, mixed with water), some have reported firmer skin and more youthful appearance, as well as reduction of minor skin rashes and improved skin texture. The question is, does it really work?

Though it claims many health benefits, drinking apple cider vinegar is an unproven treatment. Still, apple cider vinegar remains to be a favorite home remedy for many afflictions, including but not limited to better skin. Vinegar has also been used as a skin toner for those with more severe skin conditions, and as a treatment for sunburns.  Perhaps the most popular use of the vinegar shot is as an appetite suppressant. Small preliminary studies have shown the drink as a weight-loss tool to be effective, though it is yet a long way from being proven.


Whatever you do, proceed with caution; the acid from the drink has been known to cause damage to tooth enamel, the throat, and the stomach when used in excess. And if you weren’t already exercising caution... There’s, you know, the taste that’s sure to slow you down.