Drinking Three Pints Of Beer Can Slow Brain Functions By 20 Percent, Study Says

In news that shocked no one, a new study has found that drinking beer is not good for cognitive functions, but just how many it takes to slow your brain down may surprise you.

According to the study by the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, it only takes three pints of beer or three medium-sized glass of wine to slow the brain by 20 percent, according to Inquisitr.

The study tested binge drinkers, or those who drank two pints or more, against those who did not drink by asking those in the two groups to react to flashing red symbols. The study was held over a three year period. While there was no noticeable difference in the reaction times between the two groups, researchers found that those who drank had to work much harder to gain the same level of attentiveness. 

The study discovered that non-drinkers brain activity peaked around 18 microvolts while drinkers peaked at 22 microvolts three years later, according to Inquisitr. The researchers said that drinking creates this discrepancy and affects working memory and attention.