Drinking Like a Rockstar

Staff Writer
Drinkify makes sure you don't drink alone by showing you your favorite musician's beverages

This week the drinks world is buzzing (which is not surprising, considering they’re always buzzing), and the music world is talking too. So what could have the worlds and of alcohol and music so excited? Okay, a lot, but this time it’s a website! The recently-launched Drinkify.org has been getting a lot of press (like here and here), and for good reason. The website acts as a music database, with the added bonus of including a cocktail recipe for each band to help your tunes go down smooth.

Listening to some old-school rock and roll? Need a cocktail to go with? Try their "AC/DC", with bourbon, red bull, and a bottle of lemon vodka to make it all go down smooth. Or maybe you’re looking for something to sip on in South Central? Try the "2PAC", with orange juice and Maotai served flaming. Or perhaps you’re feeling thirsty while scanning through music blogs to find the next big thing? Try "The Strokes", with Pernod, Sour Mix, and a can of Monster Energy Drink. Or maybe you’re just looking for something to chug to get the courage to jump into the mosh pit? Try "The Clash", which has the classic combination of cocaine and grenadine served in a highball glass (note: don't actually try "The Clash"). So get on the website and find exactly what you should be drinking down as you rock out to your favorite music, just make sure the set doesn’t go on too long or you’ll have a real rockstar hangover in the morning. See more recipes at Drinkify.org