Drinking Bottled Water Making Us All Old and Wrinkly

Some health experts warm that drinking from water bottles could form 'deep wrinkles.' Oh no

Photo Bottled Water Macros December 02, 20107 Modified: Flickr/Steven Depolo/CC 4.0

Health experts say drinking out of bottles could cause (oh no!) wrinkles.

Dear readers, let it be known that we've officially sworn of water bottles for fear that we'll actually look our age (the horrors!). "Health experts" are reportedly saying that drinking out of water bottles could eventually form "deep wrinkles" around the lips. Because the normal signs of aging are absolutely horrific, it seems.

“The repetitive motions of things that we do in everyday life — drinking from water bottles — will form these deep wrinkles in our lips,” cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Mitchell Chasin told CBS News. And now, a bevy of women are figuring it out, and getting treatment for it.

The worst offenders of wrinkle-creation, it seems, are straws. "We tell our patients, keep on drinking, it’s great for your body it’s great for your health, it’s great for your skin. Unfortunately, over time it either causes these lines or it aggravates them,” Dr. Chasin said. "…That old thing we used to drink out of — I think it’s called a cup — that’s really the best thing for our lips."

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So don't want to get some wrinkles around your smile and don't want to splurge for plastic surgery? Stop drinking out of water bottles, get rid of straws, and stop doing anything else that might just stress your mouth. First-world problems at its best.