DrinkDrivers: Ann Arbor’s Newest Alcohol Delivery Service

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A delivery service and mobile app brings alcohol to Ann Arbor's doorsteps
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DrinkDrivers delivers everything from Bell’s to Jack Daniel’s to Andre Spumante Champagne

DrinkDrivers is an alcohol delivery service and mobile app launched at the University of Central Florida in fall 2013 and came to Ann Arbor this past spring, aiming to keep the party going while cutting down on DUIs. As co-founder Jeff Nadel has said, “We believe that getting your drink should be as awesome as drinking your drink.”

You’re on.

I had two different six-packs delivered to celebrate almost making it to the middle of the week. The delivery time was a little on the slow side (the company promises delivery between 30 to 60 minutes), but my apartment has a lot of tricky staircases and doors that look exactly alike, so the delivery man could have been lost in the freakish Alice in Wonderland-style maze out there for most of that time, to be fair.

Once my roommate and I cracked open the door, it was like we’ve never seen or tasted beer before. I’ve never been more excited to see a bottle of Bell’s in my life. This probably had more to do with our own amazement at what was basically beer-and-on-demand than DrinkDrivers, but still. Not bad so far.

From Bell’s to Jack Daniel’s to Andre Spumante Champagne, everything seemed in a semi-reasonable price range for A2 standards. And the selection is pretty diverse — including margarita mixes, chasers, even ping pong balls. Watch out for prices with the extras though, the chasers get a little steep. $4.99 for Tropicana?

A $15 minimum order (before delivery charge) is enforced at checkout, so if you’re solo-ing, this might not be the right move. And make sure you’re of age, as DrinkDrivers does throughly check IDs.

What’s truly amazing is that no one has thought of bringing alcohol to the doorsteps of Ann Arbor before now. Why fight it?

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