Your Ultimate Bubbly Wine Gift Guide

Far more bubbly is sold during this time of year than any other, which isn't surprising as sparkling wines are great for both entertaining and for gift-giving.

Your Ultimate Bubbly Wine Gift Guide (Slideshow)

It's also a good time to note that the world of sparkling wines continues to expand, and the products — except at the very low end — keep getting better. The Franciacorta region of northern Italy is an overlooked region worth looking into that makes sparklers in the style of Champagne at a somewhat lower price.

Also, English sparkling wine has come virtually out of nowhere and can be of Champagne quality at bargain prices. Plus, there is a new Champagne on the American market this year — Palmer — that makes us wonder why no one has imported it before.

Here, then, are 35 sparkling wines, listed according to price, from $14 to $180. There is surely something here to help you celebrate either by popping the cork or giving it to someone all wrapped up in ribbons and bows.