You Can #TweetADrink To Your Favorite Celebrities At The Critics' Choice Awards On Sunday

This Sunday, January 17, during the Critics' Choice Awards, you can have a drink delivered to your favorite celebrities with the hashtag #TweetADrink. To send a tipple to Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer, or maybe Leonardo DiCaprio, just include their name and drink order with the aforementioned tag.

During the commercial breaks, it will be someone's job to tally all the #TweetADrink orders and make sure that each celebrity it supplied with the cocktails chosen for them by adoring fans, or else, viewers who are hoping to see celebrities get drunk in public.

We're not quite sure whether each individual tweet counts for a cocktail because that seems rather dangerous, but it's safe to say that the more tweets directed at a specific celebrity, the more drinks they'll get.

Watch comedian and host TJ Miller explain the power that's been placed into the public hands, below: