World’s First Cannabis Beer Launches Across California

Medical and recreational users in the Golden State are getting a cannabis-infused beer

Are these Snoop Dogg-approved?

The world’s first-ever cannabis-infused non-alcoholic beer is expanding from Nevada to California. “Cannabier” — made by Two Roots Brewing — will soon be offered in both THC-infused and full-spectrum CBD-infused varieties and will be available for purchase at select dispensaries in markets including San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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Five different flavors currently exist, including the Enough Said Lager, RCG Stout, Road Scholar IPA, “Sonder” Blonde Ale and Tropical Infamy Wheat Beer. The move is an attempt to help normalize cannabis-infused products while giving people a more sociable outlet to consume them. Might as well crack a cold one and drink with the squad instead of smoking everyone out with a smelly joint or gummies and brownies that go down in 10 seconds.

Hangover, who? You won’t get the negative effects of alcohol with Cannabier, the company behind Two Roots Brewing (somewhat confusingly called Cannabiniers) says. It’s a micro-dosed beverage that mimics the rapid onset of alcohol with a quick dissipation from the body, so you don’t have to freak out about an uncomfortable all-day high. There are electrolytes in the recipe too, which help hydrate you, regulate nerve and muscle function, balance blood acidity and pressure, and rebuild damaged tissue. So it’s more like a fizzy weed Gatorade than a beer, right?

“We've seen a tremendously positive response to Two Roots Brewing since its initial debut in Nevada,” Cannabiniers president and chief operating officer Timothy Walters said in a release. “As more states legalize recreational cannabis, users will continue to seek new, more sociable ways to consume, and companies will increasingly look to adapt to this new wave of consumption. We are thrilled to bring Two Roots to residents throughout California, offering a more enjoyable and socially integrated way to consume cannabis.”


People are using legal cannabis now more than ever. Last year, the legal marijuana industry topped $10 billion in consumer spending, and with more states looking to legalize, that number is expected to continue to grow. Right now, marijuana is lawful in Washington, Washington D.C., Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, Hawaii, Michigan, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine — all of which have super weird laws you need to know about.