What's Behind Baglio di Pianetto's Tasty Moscato?

Find out what makes this wine so unique
What's Behind Baglio di Pianetto's Tasty Moscato?
Baglio di Pianetto

Baglio di Pianetto’s Moscato has a fruit-forward aroma.

Distinctive Winery and Microclimate
Inspired by France's vaunted Châteaux wineries, Paolo Marzotto opened his Baglio di Pianetto estate in 1997 to take advantage of Sicily's unique terroir.

Situated in the town of Santa Cristina Gela, in the area of ​​the D.O.C. Monreale, near Palermo, his vineyards thrive at altitudes that reach 2,132 miles above sea level. The region's climate features steady winds great for vine and grape ventilation along with wide temperature variations from day to night. Pianetto's main winery is built into a hillside, which allows the grapes to move naturally throughout the wine making process. They enter the top floor for sorting and then travel down to the underground level for barrel aging.

Baglio di Pianetto

Earth Friendly Practices
An early adopter of sustainable viticultural practices, Baglio di Pianetto has a 256.6 kWp photovoltaic system reducing C02 emissions by 407 pounds per year. The winery also utilizes a rainwater purification and recycling system. Since 2013, the Marzotto family has used organic farming for both cultivation and vinification processes.

The Flavor Experience
The grape vines at Baglio di Pianetto  are allowed to wither: this increases the grape's sugar content, resulting in a golden color and an intense, fruit-forward aroma. Hints of citrus, orange blossom, peach, and apricot blend into a subtle sweetness on the palate, while a balanced mouthfeel makes for sophisticated yet easy sipping.

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