We're Halfway to St. Paddy's Day: 9 American-Irish Beers Worth Trying

No one does beer like the Irish

It’s never too soon to start a St. Paddy’s Day countdown.

You read it right, we’re already counting down the days until St. Patrick’s Day. Why so soon, you ask? Not only is St. Paddy’s Day one of the happiest holidays out there, it’s also an excuse to over-indulge in some of the best beers on the market. Among the many varieties of beer available, Irish beer is some of the best, and what makes a beer distinctively Irish is more than just where it is brewed.

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The Irish Red Ale originated in Ireland. The small amount of roasted barley in this brew gives it a glorious reddish hue, which some American brands have even tried to duplicate with dye! They won’t fool the most dedicated drinkers, though — because everyone knows it’s the taste that matters. If you’re drinking a true Irish Red Ale, your beer will taste malty, hoppy, and refreshing.

Another common Irish brew is a Dry Irish Stout. Stouts usually have a light body, low carbonation level, and they’re served on a nitro system, in order to create a creamy effect on the beer. Irish stouts tend to be bitter because of the roasted barley and hefty helpings of hops, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t absolutely delicious.

When you drink an Irish beer, you’re drinking a blend like no other. Their rich, dark, malty flavors come together to create an Irish aroma that is utterly cozy and perfect for the chilly weather. Because of this, American breweries everywhere are duplicating the qualities of a true, Irish beer — this way, it doesn’t matter where you are. With American-Irish blends, beer lovers of all kinds can enjoy the unique qualities of an Irish blend whenever you’d like!

There will always be classic Irish brands like Guinness, but have you ever tried dabbling into an Irish brew from a local brewery?  A handful of American companies providing their beer in darker tones, with a malty texture and a smooth aftertaste — just like the Irish like em’. Whether it be a bigger brand like Samuel Adams, or a local brewery like Brooklyn Brewery, each company has its own take on an Irish blend that set them apart from the rest.

Fruity, hoppy, malty, you name it — here’s 10 Irish beers that are definitely worth trying.

Black Sun Stout, 3 Floyds Brewing Co.

With their psychedelic beer labels and wide range of flavors, 3 Floyds Brewing Co. is truly one of a kind. Their Black Sun Stout contains a hint of coffee aromas and piney hops that will take your taste buds all the way to Ireland.

Blue Fin Stout, Shipyard Brewing Co.

This beer is literally black.


Unlike a lot of stouts that are only available in the fall or winter, this one-of-a-kind beer is available year round. What exactly makes it one-of-a-kind, you ask? Though most stouts or Irish blends are dark, this beer is literally pitch black with a smooth, chocolate taste.