We’re Looking for the Best College Bars

Our roundup of the best college bars in America is back!

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Does your favorite college bar belong on the list?

Last Spring, we did a round-up of the 25 Best College Bars in America. Even though our list contained some great bars that are sure to be contenders again, we decided 25 just wasn’t enough.

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That’s right — once again, we’re looking for the best college bars in America. This time, to give students and alumni an opportunity to get their favorites on the list, we’re looking for 50.

There are other characteristics that we’re sure to consider when creating our list, but you can use this guide as a checklist to see if your favorite bar is worthy of a nomination.

What makes a college bar a true contender for our list? Generally, these factors are the most important


Bars that make our list play only tunes that will keep their students on the dance floor until last call.


Is the bar easy for students to get to from campus?

Drink Deals

The cheaper, the better. Pitchers, shots, mixed drinks — you name it. Anything goes, and drink specials earn extra points!


In college, bar food is best enjoyed after 10 p.m. — and after a long night of drinking. If a bar offers pizza, burgers, or fries in the wee hours of the morning, it’s a sure contender for our list.


We’re looking for bars that ooze a fun atmosphere and shine with school pride. Drinking game junkies and football fanatics, this one’s for you!

Sound like your favorite college bar? Let us know! Please send any submissions to Lindsey Gaterman at lgaterman@thedailymeal.com with the subject line “50 Best College Bars Nomination.” Even if your bar doesn’t make the list, we’d love to hear your input. This survey will close on Thursday, August 27th, 2015. Thank you in advance! 


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