Vote For The Best Sports Bar In America

Even if you don't consider yourself a sports fan, visiting a good sports bar can be fun. It's the kind of place where everyone in attendance has the same common goal and is praying for the same thing, and all attending fists are clenched in disgust at the same striped shirt-wearing official. Sure, everyone goes back to being strangers when they hit the curb, but for four quarters, the sports bar can foster a real sense of community — and if your team is winning, it can feel like one of the greatest places on earth.

It's not all about the game, though. A great sports bar not only makes it easy for guests to watch the game, it also makes sure to supply other necessities — like food, drink, and commercial break entertainment, to name a few.

In years past, we've reached out to you, our readers, to compile our list of the Best Sports Bars in America. You have helped us rank some of the best sports bars in the country, taking into consideration their praise from local "best of" lists, fan support, viewing experience, beer selection, and the bar's overall spirit. This year, we are asking for your help again.

We've increased our selection to include a wide range of sports bars on our survey — from your favorites that made it in previous years to new joints. Now we need your vote to determine the best of the best for our 2017 list. And if our list is still missing your favorite, don't forget to write it in so we can be sure to include it.

Now get to voting!