Vote For The Best Craft Brewery In America

There are two types of beer drinkers: those who care less for quality than for the overall disorienting effects of drinking beer, and those who savor every sip. This latter group is composed of those whose taste buds seek out and identify each fizzy flavor, looking for hoppy notes or hints of citrus. They don't guzzle; they explore. For those of you who live for the nuances in beer, we are here to help reveal the ones worth savoring... but we can't do it alone.

Last year, we reached out to you, our readers, to compile our list of the 50 Best Craft Breweries in America. This year, we are asking for your help again.

We heard your cries and accommodated accordingly, upping our selection to create the widest range of breweries on our survey yet — from your favorites that made it last year to new and exciting breweries on the verge of brewing (pun intended) up something special. Now we need your vote to determine the best of the best for our 2017 list.

And if our list is still missing your favorite, don't forget to write it in so we can be sure to include it.

Now get to voting!