This Vodka In An Iridescent Skull-Shaped Bottle Is Perfect For Halloween

When you're setting up a Halloween bar this October, you're going to want to plan the drinks you'll be preparing as well as the spirits you'll be using. Whether you'll be preparing large-format punches or serving individual cocktails, you may come to the conclusion that a vodka-based drink is in order.

If so, set the scene with Crystal Head. The premium liquor was founded by Dan Aykroyd (and partners) in 2008 and has gone on to win multiple liquor awards due to its complex filtration process, part of which involves passing the vodka through 10,000 semi-precious Herkimer diamonds. (We taste-tested it to confirm that it is quite smooth.)

This year, the brand updated its anatomically accurate skull bottles. Inspired by the northern lights, the "Aurora Skull" was given an iridescent sheen in an exceptionally complicated process that involves electrifying the bottle and coating it in a fine metal powders. It's science, folks. The result is a unique and reflective bottle that will look perfect on a Halloween bar.