Veteran Pitmaster Carey Bringle of Nashville’s Peg Leg Porker Releases His 3rd Whiskey

This time it’s a 12-year Tennessee straight bourbon

This is the third release from the Nashville whiskey.

Did someone say whiskey?

Veteran pitmaster Carey Bringle announced the release of his third whiskey, a Tennessee straight bourbon whiskey, this week. The spirit is branded in conjunction with his award-winning barbecue restaurant, Peg Leg Porker, which consistently ranks as one of Nashville’s top restaurants.

The first Peg Leg Porker Whiskey was released in 2013. The second, in 2016, was an eight-year Whiskey that won a gold medal at the 2016 San Francisco Spirits Competition.

The newly released premium bourbon (93.9 proof) is aged for 12 years in new charred oak barrels and undergoes Peg Leg Porker’s signature filtering technique.

“This 12-year-old is something very special. After the whiskey is taken from its barrels, it is filtered through hickory, creating our signature flavor and color,” Bringle said in the press release.

It will first be distributed in Tennessee and then allocated to select markets.


Peg Leg Porker is located in Nashville’s Gulch neighborhood but is looking to take over the world. Check out the company’s website to learn more about Bringle and about Peg Leg Porker’s award-winning barbecue. Even more information can be found through Bringle’s new podcast, Live From BS Corner.