Unusual Starbucks Drink Flavors Around The World (Slideshow)

Unusual Starbucks Drink Flavors Around the World

If you're ever on a different continent (or in some cases, Canada) it may just be worth it to pop into America's most recognizable coffee shop and see just how unrecognizable the menu becomes.

Coffee Jelly Frappuccino, Asia Pacific and Japan

"Coffee jelly" is a black-coffee-flavored gelatin desert in Japan, and to make a Frappuccino, it's blended with standard Starbucks coffee-flavored Frappuccino and topped with whipped cream.

Coffee and White Tiramisu Frappuccino, Japan

This drink is all about layers. The drink starts with a layer of coffee Frappuccino, then comes a layer of cookie crumble and brownie, followed by cream cheese mousse, and finally, the whole thing is finished with a dusting of cocoa powder. Bring this to the U.S., please!

Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino, China and Asia Pacific

You can get a green tea Frappuccino right here in the states, but sadly, it won't be topped with sweetened red beans.

Honey Yoghurt Frappuccino, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, and Greece

With the Greek yogurt craze current sweeping the nation, Starbucks should seriously consider putting this frozen drink on the U.S. menu.

Hōjicha Tea Latte, Asia Pacific and Japan

Unlike most Japanese teas, which are steamed, Hōjicha is roasted in a pot over charcoal. It has a sweet caramel flavor, making it the perfect addition to a latte.

Crème Brûlée Macchiato, United Kingdom

The traditional espresso and steamed milk favorite gets a super sweet upgrade in the United Kingdom with the addition of creamy brûlée sauce, sweetened whipped cream, and caramel.

Toffee Mocha, Canada

And you thought your iced white chocolate mocha was fancy. In Canada all the sugary, buttery goodness of toffee can be yours in a delicious hot mocha. That probably makes those long winters a little easier.

Red Bean Cream Frappuccino, South Korea

This Frappuccino is made with sweetened condensed milk and topped with crunchy granola and red bean paste. So much more fun than a yogurt parfait!

Lavender Earl Grey Tea Latte, Japan

Man, imagine refreshing Earl Grey tea made even better with a little steamed milk and a hint of bright lavender. Japan, we're officially jealous.

Stracciatella Frappuccino, Switzerland

Stracciatella is milk-based gelato filled with chocolate chunks, and in Switzerland, you can have that goodness blended right into your Frappuccino. Some countries have all the luck.