The Ultimate Holiday Drink: Vodka Cranberry Punch with Apple Cider Ice Cubes

Spike your drink with special ice cubes
Vodka Cranberry

Shutterstock/ Brent Hofacker

Now this is an innovative way to chill your drink.

It’s cider season! The chilly weather calls for all types of cider, any time of day. Whether it be mulled, spiked, sweet, or spicy, we’ve recommended our fair share of cider suggestions. There’s one way you can enjoy cider that we haven’t covered yet: putting it in your drink in the form of an ice cube.

What better way to spike your cocktail than with your ice cubes? It’s innovative, easy, and utterly delicious.

In order to find the perfect drink to pair with apple cider ice cubes, you’ll need to mix it with another fall flavor. Given its simplicity, we suggest vodka cranberry punch. Cranberry punch is a favorite of many and its popularity is especially undeniable during the holidays.

Take a look at this Vodka Cranberry Punch with Apple Cider recipe, courtesy of Food Network.

When making this recipe, be sure to prepare the ice cubes nearly a day before your big holiday bash. This will guarantee the ice cubes will be ready to serve once the guests arrive.

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