Twitter Helped Return This Man's Wages, Left Behind In A London Pub

In a true feat of the holiday spirit, a Twitter campaign launched by The Alexandra pub in London's Wimbledon district successfully returned a packet of bills to a customer who had left them behind.

Going off of an envelope marked with nothing but the name "Mariusz" the pub pulled off the next to impossible and returned the cash to Mariusz six days after it had gone missing. 

On the day that it was found, The Alexandra Pub tweeted "Mariusz, we found your pay packet in the Alex on Thursday night (21st December). It's stuffed full of cash, you haven't lost it, we've got it! If anybody knows probably a Polish man called Mariusz, near Wimbledon, it could be him. Please tell him! RT in Polish if you know any."

After hundreds of retweets and comments, the pub tweeted again. This time they used a hashtag to promote #FindMariusz. "Lets #FindMariusz" the pub's account tweeted. "He dropped an envelope full of cash in the Alex on Thursday night. Do you know somebody called Mariusz? Could it be him? Please tell him and get him to contact us. Lets get the fella his Christmas money back, Polish people please RT in Polish."

People on Twitter were positively charmed by the actions of the pub and rushed to spread the message.

However no one was more excited than the pub account when Mariusz was found. "Oh my god we've got him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the account tweeted. "He's just walked in the sports bar, i've checked the cctv, and it's him!!! photo to follow. Mariuszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

According to the pub's tweets, Mariusz had gone to Poland for Christmas and did not tell his wife (or any of his family members) that he had lost the money. Shockingly, his son saw the tweets and asked his father if he was the man with the missing money.

We think keeping track of his money is one of the smartest New Year's resolutions that Mariusz can make for 2018. Don't you?