Fast-Food Restaurants from Top 5 Most Bizarre Places to Find Booze Slideshow

Top 5 Most Bizarre Places to Find Booze Slideshow

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Fast-Food Restaurants

Burgers and beer are a classic combination. No surprise, then, to see fast-food chain Burger King serving beer at its Whopper Bar spin-off in South Beach, Fla.

While you won’t find beer served at regular Burger Kings or Whopper Bars in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or New York, the South Beach Whopper Bar serves up Anheuser-Busch and Miller Coors beers in aluminum bottles for $4.25. Or, plunk down $7.99 for a Whopper combo with beer instead of soda.                                                                          

Also in South Florida, two SONIC Beach locations — in Homestead and Ft. Lauderdale — serve about 25 varieties of beer and 10 wine choices, along with the brand’s burgers and signature shakes. "SONIC Beach locations serve beer and wine on the patio to customers 21 years of age or older at the Homestead location and indoors at the Fort Lauderdale location," said Nancy Robertson, vice president of communications for SONIC in a statement. "We hope customers will choose to spend an extended period of time with their families and friends at both SONIC Beach locations." The company does not have plans to serve wine and beer at other locations: "There is no intention to extend beer and wine offerings to SONIC Drive-Ins," notes Robertson.                                           

Perhaps not to be left out, Starbucks has started serving beer and wine in a small number of locations in Seattle, Portland, Ore., and Atlanta, with Chicago on the horizon for 2012. So what drinks can you order along with your decaf? Stores in Washington State and Oregon offer local beers — like Dead Guy Ale and Stella Artois lager — costing about $5 each. Wines hail from the Pacific Northwest as well, including a Barnard Griffin Fumé Blanc from the Columbia Valley, an Erath Pinot Noir and an organic wine, Snoqualmie's Naked Riesling, for between $7 and $9 a glass.