10 Tweets About Drinking Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

Twitter is the Holy Grail for drunk thoughts

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Don’t remember your weekend? Have no fear, it was probably documented on Twitter.

Twitter can tell you a lot about the world. Want to check up on your favorite football team during the Sunday night game? Follow the team on Twitter. Need to catch up on the latest news that’s hot off the press? Again, Twitter will never fail you.

Monday morning, Wednesday evening, or Saturday night — it doesn’t matter, people always have something to share. That being said, if there’s anything we can concur from our recent Twitter feeds, it’s this: The world drinks a lot of alcohol.

Whether they’re talking about it, thinking about it, or literally tweeting while they’re drunk, someone is always talking about alcohol.


Take a look at these 10 tweets about drinking that are sure to make you laugh.

1. How I significantly improved my Netflix pic.twitter.com/8EMjBI3PM1

— shut up, mike (@shutupmikeginn) May 6, 2015

2. Do you want to get drunk tonight? A) Yes B) A C) B

— Alcohol Problems (@AIcoholProbs) November 16, 2015

3. Why do the charts look like a drunk text to an ex? pic.twitter.com/JXQvw50HmK

— British Logic (@BritishLogic) November 15, 2015

4. Looking back at my drunk actions like pic.twitter.com/uoNpW3Wjqj

— Young Alcoholics (@LifeWithAlcohol) November 15, 2015

5. my stages of drunk are: 1. “I’m not even buzzed yet.” 2. *sitting in the wet grass somewhere with my shoes off eating Pizza

— College Problems (@ColIegeprobs) November 14, 2015

6. the best kind of alcohol is a lot.

— pakalu papito (@pakalupapito) February 15, 2015

7. Alcohol is like a push-up bra for your personality.

— Nicole Betz (@TomHanksIsHot) April 21, 2012

8. How to sneak in alcohol like a boss pic.twitter.com/kv8JSmmDKM

— Goals For Guys (@Goals4Guys) November 16, 2015

9. when you drunk but you take the best picture of your life. pic.twitter.com/zACkisH125

— hazel london (@ZhxTxt) November 16, 2015

10. my job has convinced me that 1 year olds are just tiny drunk adults pic.twitter.com/FJyOhHBWuV

— Ansley Ewing (@littleansss) November 15, 2015