These Cocktails Will Have You Tipsy In 2 Sips

When you decide to go out with your friends for a couple of drinks, what is the first cocktail you order at the bar? What is the drink you crave? Everyone has their "go-to," and unless you're at some swanky spot with tons of liquor experts, you're probably going to order a cocktail that's relatively familiar to everyone.

The list of well-known drinks for rookies goes on and on. But when you order your favorite drink at the bar, have you ever wondered how much alcohol it actually contains?

There are a number of cocktails that will get you "feeling fine" by the end of the night; however, can you guess two cocktails that will get you tipsy in only two sips? That's right, it's a Long Island Ice Tea and an Irish Car Bomb

See below for some recipes for these two super strong drinks. And please, awlays sip with caution!

Long Island Ice Tea Recipe


Irish Car Bomb Recipe

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