These Are The 10 Best Booze Ads Of All Time: Print Edition (Slideshow)

Gordon’s Gin Goes Big

Gordon's Gin is a classic in its own right. We've seen dozens of vintage advertisements featuring various of the brand's expressions (one of our editors even has an ad from a 1917 issue of LIFEmagazine). However, we haven't ever seen a Gin & Tonic quite that substantial. We're certainly on the threshold of purchasing our own bottle of Gordon's.

Orange You Craving Cointreau?

Whether it's your sartorial sensibility or what you use in cocktails, sometimes you've got to make controversial choices. Luckily, this one is quite delicious and can be combined with just about every spirit under the sun. Who knew an orange liqueur could make such a compelling ad?

Absolut Vodka Makes a Statement

Yeah, yeah, this ad is probably more effective for liquor-loving ladies — there's likely a time every woman would welcome this role reversal. Doesn't she look happy? It makes us chuckle every time.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Gets Political

It's not often that drinking gets political, but we're seriously considering joining this Socialist party.

Stop! Use Noilly Prat

Vintage liquor ads are a dime a dozen. It seems like magazines used to be awash with pages selling gins, whiskies and vermouths. It's rare that we see much of the latter anymore, which is why we love this old ad for Noilly Prat. Thanks for the reminder, caped traffic cop!

Bushmills Irish Whiskey Made Its Own How-to Book

Bushmills may be from a largely Catholic country, but, like the ad says, "that sure as hell didn't help [them] invent whiskey." However they did it, they sure do a great job of promoting it.

Effen Vodka on a Plane

"There's nothing more satisfying than Effen on a plane." Okay, so maybe this isn't the most clever booze advertisement, but c'mon: it's funny! Plus, we wholeheartedly agree.

Jim Beam Meets 007

Of course we had to include a James Bond ad (technically, it's Sean Connery, but what does that matter?). Bond has a reputation as a cocktail lover, after all. We assumed a Bond-related ad would be a vodka or gin brand (hell, even Scotch!) rather than good ol' Jim Beam. But, let's face it, no matter what kind of spirit Fleming's spy is promoting, we'll drink it.

Seagram’s Red Baron

The original Most Interesting Man in the World? Yeah, that's this guy.

Fight for Gringo’s Tequila

Who doesn't like a healthy dose of Luchador in their tequila? The South African Gringo's Tequila makes a fighting argument for taking a shot. Just don't forget the lime.