These 9 Restaurants Make The Most Amazing Mimosas

These 9 Restaurants Make the Most Amazing Mimosas

What's the Champagne to mixer ratio? In the English version of the cocktail, called a golden buck, it's usually about two parts champagne to one part juice. The mimosa typically consists of something closer to a 50–50 blend — but not necessarily. And some versions include orange liqueur or other ingredients.  No matter how you spin it, there are plenty of ways to make a great mimosa, and we've found nine restaurants that have mastered this brunch essential.

A perfect mimosa attracts a rowdy day-drinking crowd seeking an afternoon filled with refreshing cocktails and a hearty meal. It's not surprising, then, that a number of these restaurants have tasty food selections, too. Many also offer a bottomless drinks option. What could be better?

Read on for nine restaurants that make the most amazing mimosas.

Eddie's Place, Charlotte, N.C.

On Sundays, the mimosas at Eddie's Place go for $4. For a price that low, one would assume the drink is mostly mixers, but at Eddie's, that's just not the case. Citizens of Charlotte are crazy for Eddie's cheap mimosas, made with fresh squeezed orange juice and plenty of bubbly.


Jack’s Wife Freda, New York City

With its quaint, cozy atmosphere and colorful plates of food at both locations, this Instagram-friendly spot has stolen the hearts of many. There's plenty to rave about when it comes to Jack's Wife Freda, and its cantaloupe mimosa is no exception. This $10 mimosa is subtly sweet, with the taste of cantaloupe present in every sip. Overall, it's a refreshing, bubbly mixture that will act as the perfect brunch staple on a Sunday afternoon.

Kanela Breakfast Club, Chicago

Kanela Breakfast Club is known for providing healthy brunch options, but that doesn't mean it doesn't serve a killer mimosa. Kanela's mimosa contains fresh squeezed orange juice, Cupcake Prosecco, and a cherry garnish, all for $7. If you're in the mood for a little something different, try the strawberry purée option. Chicago natives call this drink refreshing, delightful, and light.

Maddie’s, Denver

A cranberry mimosa? You got it!  Maddie's serves one of the best bottomless brunches in Denver for a low price of just $12 to add on the booze. The restaurant's mimosa options include a colorful selection of cranberry, pineapple, and traditiional orange. Over time, the cranberry flavor has received the most attention, with Denver natives calling it "sweet and bitter in the best way," and "utterly refreshing."

Mezetto, New York City

If there's one thing New Yorkers take seriously, it's boozy brunch. Mezetto offers bottomless peach, pomegranate, orange, and passionfruit mimosas for $16 — and the Champagne-to-juice ratio has locals raving. To prove that you're getting a bang for your buck, the bartenders make it right in front of you, filling nearly the entire flute with Champagne and topping it off with just a tiny bit of juice. We don't know what's in its famous juice mixers, but whatever it is, it keeps its customers happy.

Mimi’s Café, Phoenix

The Mimi-Mosa from Mimi's Café consists of Korbel California Champagne, fresh squeezed orange juice, and a tangerine burst for $8. The tangy Mimi-Mosa is what attracts the crowd, but it provides four other versions of the mimosa as well, including white peach and triple berry.

Phil & Derek’s, Houston

Sway to some smooth jazz while sipping on Phil & Derek's notable pomegranate mimosa. This Texas brunch spot, which doubles as a jazz club on Thursdays, serves a fruity and refreshing pomegranate mimosa that's said to knock you right off your feet. Order it bottomless every Sunday for only $12.

Stephi’s on Tremont, Boston

Often called the "perfect pick-me-up," the Executive Mimosa at Stephi's goes above and beyond your average flute of Champagne and OJ. This kicker contains Champagne, Grey Goose l'Orange vodka, Cointreau, and fresh squeezed orange juice for $15. If you have trouble deciding between a mimosa and a screwdriver, Stephi's is the place for you.

Tupelo Honey Café, Charlotte, N.C.

Unlike many brunch spots, Tupelo Honey Café tells you exactly how much booze you're getting in your mimosa. For $7, the Tupelo Honey Mimosa has six ounces of sparkling wine with a splash of fresh orange juice. For more serious brunchers, they also offer the Tupelo Honey Mega-Mosa, with 10 ounces of sparkling wine with a splash of orange juice. The exact prosecco measurements are a nice change of pace, while the orange juice contains the perfect amount of pulp.