TGI Fridays Wants To Send Their Bartenders To Your House

TGI Fridays will begin experimenting with food and alcohol delivery by the end of November, and is even considering providing in-home bartenders. Nation's Restaurant News reports that the Dallas-based chain has partnered with Lash, a startup food and alcohol delivery company, to test delivery in Dallas and Houston during the winter season.

Fridays, known for endless apps, is still working out the details on how to offer the in-home bartending experience — but once the initiative launches, each employee will have a Yelp-like profile with a photo, comments, and ratings within the chain's mobile app.

"We think it's important to be able to offer the complete Fridays experience," Fridays vice president of digital and e-commerce Caroline Masullo said, according to Nation's Restaurant News. "We have a lot of equity in our bartenders. They are something of celebrities. People know us for them."

To order food and booze, customers will need to verify their age through Fridays' mobile app or website. Then, the delivery driver will go to a nearby store to pick up beer, wine, or liquor, and then to Fridays to pick up the takeout — all to be delivered within an hour.

If all goes accordingly, customers can expect a system rollout in 2018. Why get up and go to the bar when you can order boneless wings and beer from the comfort of your own couch? And, nobody can embarrass you by singing the birthday song. After all, Fridays was the first restaurant to implement the awful practice. Find this and more in the 10 things you didn't know about TGI Fridays.