Taste Test: SodaStream’s FruitDrops Water Essences

Do these DIY fruit essences give LaCroix a run for its money?

Each bottle of FruitDrops contains 80 servings. 

As LaCroix continues its dominance of the sparkling water world, more and more beverage companies are seeking to grab their share of the market with similar products. Pepsi’s Bubly, for example, is also lightly fruit-scented with very little fruit flavor; like LaCroix, it gives sparkling water a little fruity kick without making it soda-sweet or adding any calories (you can check out our taste test of the two here). So it’s only natural that SodaStream, the popular line of DIY sparkling water makers, would get in on the action. Their line of “water essences” is called Fruit Drops, and we took them for a spin.

As opposed to the big bottles of concentrated flavorings that you usually add to your carbonated SodaStream water, Fruit Drops bottles contain only 40 ml of liquid, enough for about 80 servings. Adding a very small amount to your water is enough to give it that desired scent of fruit with very little in the way of flavor. We sampled lime, lemon, raspberry, orange, and mango Fruit Drops, and the end result was similar in many ways to LaCroix. The citrus flavors lent the water a citrusy scent without affecting the flavor. The raspberry and mango drops were especially impressive, as their scent was incredibly similar to the real thing. Just be careful not to add too much, as this can give the water a slightly bitter flavor. Along with being sugar-free, Fruit Drops are naturally-flavored and preservative-free.

If you’re a habitual LaCroix drinker, we suggest that you give SodaStream’s Fruit Drops a try. While the flavors may not be exact replicas of its can-bound brethren, it’s fun (and cost-effective and eco-friendly) to make your own sparkling water instead of buying it, at just $3.99 for 80 servings, the price is certainly right, and it's certainly a healthier alternative to diet soda.


The product reviewed in this article was sent at no cost to the writer.