Starbucks Baristas Are Really Mad About This Matcha Tea Hack

Everyone loves saving money when they can, especially at Starbucks, where specialty drinks can cost one person over $1,500 each year. But schemers beware — baristas are catching on to one particular drink hack that's risen from the ashes of an old Instagram post.

To create an inexpensive "custom tea" at Starbucks, some people are ordering two scoops of matcha in ice water. This recipe rings up to $0.80, which is three times cheaper than a grande green iced tea. One of the coffee chain's employees took to Reddit to vent about a customer who supposedly attempted to pull off the scam.

"Lady in dt tried to pull a fast one on me. I told her her total and she pulled a screen shot I saw on Instagram about how some stores are just ringing in the drink for .80 cents," ReportTurret wrote. "I told her that we charge it this way because you are essentially getting a custom tea. She said last time she got it for .80 cents. And I said that there will be a training on this. So that there will be no confusion."

"Yes ma'am, unfortunately that's a pretty common scam. I guess some people will just do anything to steal their drinks," QuaPasaCasa replied.

"Who is encouraging this??? This is bad and you should feel bad," Fearofthedark88 wrote on another post about the hack.

"I just don't understand why people don't want to pay for their drinks. Just pay for what you're ordering and if you can't afford Starbucks prices then don't order anything from Starbucks!" Sonothipster said, to which Bigwands replied, "That's always my thing. Like, we're not talking about a necessity here.  You will survive without Starbucks." 

The Daily Meal has reached out to Starbucks for comment. If you're a star-crossed coffee lover, you might appreciate knowing which of the chain's drinks are healthiest and unhealthiest.