Starbucks Delivery Launches in Seattle

Starbucks has introduced a pilot delivery program in select Seattle neighborhoods
Starbucks Delivery Launches in Seattle

Photo Modified: Flickr/Marco Arment/CC 2.0

Starbucks has begun testing delivery in Seattle, while testing in New York City is soon to follow.

Starbucks has officially launched delivery in its hometown of Seattle, a long-awaited service option that will be made available through Postmates, a third-party delivery start-up.

Beginning as a pilot program, the delivery service applies to downtown Seattle, South Lake Union, Capitol Hill, Madison Par, and the Sodo area.

The order, which customers can customize just as they would in-store, will be completed at the Starbucks closest to the delivery address, and then delivered by a Postmates courier. Customers will be able to track their orders in real-time on the Starbucks app.

Following the successful implementation of delivery in Seattle, Starbucks has said that it will introduce hyperlocal delivery testing in New York City, with delivery available within an office building that has its own Starbucks.


Earlier this fall, Dunkin’ Donuts began testing delivery and pay-ahead options in select cities. Other companies, like McDonald’s, and Taco Bell, also began testing delivery services this year.