Starbucks’ Color-Changing Cups Sent the Internet Into a Tizzy

You might need to sell a kidney to buy one on eBay
JohnFScott / istockphoto

Starbucks always has a pretty great selection of reusable tumblers, but the latest and greatest addition has the internet all riled up. On April 29, the chain launched a brand-new color-changing plastic cups for cold drinks in the U.S. and Canada. One pack comes with five 24-ounce cups (each with its own straw and lid) in pink, yellow, orange and two shades of blue.

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According to a customer screencap shared on Twitter, adding ice to your drink turns rose to coral red, citron to emerald, sky to cobalt, apricot to tangerine and arctic to raspberry. The same user, @ba1leye, says she paid $18 for all five, though other sources say they’re $16.95. The Daily Meal has reached out to Starbucks for verification, but has yet to hear back.

In another photo posted to Twitter, it appears that Starbucks is also selling a similar-looking version for hot drinks, but they don’t change color.

Make sure you call your local Starbs before you get in the car and drive, because a lot of places are already sold out, as evidenced by posts like this one: “Y’all really had to tweet about the color changing cups and made them go viral to the point where I’ve called 10 different Starbucks and they’re all sold out I JUST WANT THESE DAMN CUPS.”

People are even selling them on eBay for more than double the price. For example, this listing is for just one cup, and it costs $27.48. Then there’s this one, which features the whole pack for $99.95. Yikes.

If you really, really want these still, you’re not alone. The good news is that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg, because Starbucks has confirmed that they will be restocked soon.


Regardless of whether or not your tumbler changes colors, you can bring in any reusable cup and receive 10 cents off your order at Starbucks. Plus, you’re saving the world, so that’s cool. Do your duty as a consumer and keep it green with these eco-friendly things you can buy at the grocery store.