Spirited Cooking: Chocolate Whiskey Tart

Booze adds another kick to your chocolate pastries

The chocolate whiskey tart.

The only people who love working with spirits as much as bartenders are bakers. From chocolate candy to pastries, liquor is the secret ingredient in a range of delicious treats, adding depth and complexity (and often a boozy kick).

While brandy is tasty in Jane Danger’s Almond Cognac Cookie Sandwiches, we particularly like making confections with sweet bourbon, including the Lee Brothers’ Hot-Spiced Bourbon Balls. There’s something about the combination of whiskey, chocolate, and spices that we can’t resist.

So, since September is National Bourbon Heritage Month, we thought we’d find another sinfully decadent dessert calling for the quintessential American alcohol. We got Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito, owners of Brooklyn bakery Baked, to share with us a recipe for their Simple Chocolate Whiskey Tart from their new cookbook, Baked Elements: The Importance of Being Baked in 10 Favorite Ingredients, which was released a couple days ago. (And booze is indeed one of those 10 ingredients.) Not only does the pie incorporate bourbon, but so does the accompanying whipped cream. Yes, you read that correctly: whiskey whipped cream.

Though you can use just about any brand of bourbon, Lewis and Poliafito are fans of Knob Creek and Blanton’s. (Only have Scotch or Tennessee whiskey? Don’t worry, they’ll work, too.) Happy Baking! 

Click here for the recipe for the Chocolate Whiskey Tart. 

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