Is Sparkling Water Healthier Than Seltzer

Seltzer versus sparkling: What's the difference, anyway? Here's the 411 on what's in these carbonated drinks, and which is healthier.

Let's start with sparkling water. According to Self, "sparkling" is just a blanket term for water that contains carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulfide gas. Whether it is injected on purpose or naturally occurring (which is usually the case), it's literally just carbonated water. Unlike seltzer, it isn't recommended to use in cocktails because of its distinctive, heavy taste. It is also the most natural and expensive form of carbonated water available.

There are a few things that make seltzer different than sparking, but the main thing is the taste. Seltzer tastes clean and light, making it the perfect mixture for cocktails and other drinks. The carbonation in seltzer is just added rather than naturally-occurring. So, is one healthier than the other?

Though they're both a great way to stay hydrated or as a replacement for your average cup of tap water, the main difference between the two is the taste. In regards to health, neither of them have calories, and the mineral content doesn't make enough of a difference to drink one rather than the other.

Generally, carbonated water aids digestion and helps with an upset stomach. If you're wondering which to choose, it all comes down to your preferred taste, rather than health.