Sky Vines: The World's Highest Vineyard (Slideshow)

A Beautiful Malbec

Colomé's malbec is ripe and intensely aromatic, with deep colors and concentration.

The James Turrell Museum

At Colomé, you can have the unique experience of visiting The James Turrell Museum, the only museum in the world dedicated solely to the work of James Turrell, an internationally acclaimed American light and space artist. 

Calchaquí Valley

Bodega Colomé's spectacular setting, located in the Calchaquí Valley, speaks for itself.

A Rich History

Bodega Colomé was founded in 1831. Some of Colomé's malbec vines were planted as early as 1845. 


 Colomé's "misterioso" is still a mystery — viticulturists still can't identify the varietal.