The Kraken

The Kraken

Review: The Kraken Black Spiced Rum Dark Label

This new lower-proof release is solid on its own or as a mixer

The Kraken has carved out a niche for itself in the dark rum category since launching in 2010, with its sweet molasses kick and mix of spices including cinnamon, ginger, and clove. So it only makes sense for the brand to keep the momentum going with its newest release, the 70 proof Kraken Black Spiced Rum Dark Label, which is in the process of being rolled out across the country. We got our hands on a bottle and took it for a spin.

On the nose, the rum definitely retains a lot of that molasses, which remains the dominant characteristic. It also smells a lot like Coca-Cola, and its flavor is oddly reminiscent of soda as well. Not that it’s a bad thing; this rum definitely shines as a mixer in a rum and Coke with a squeeze of lime. The flavor itself isn’t too different from regular Kraken, but it is a bit smoother and easier to drink thanks to its lower proof, and there’s plenty of vanilla, cinnamon, and clove.

Though it works well as a shot (especially when chased with hard cider) or in a rum and Coke, it also serves as a good mixer for mojitos and mixes well with pineapple juice.

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