Red Bull Launches Organic Soda Line

But it won’t give you wings

Energy drink brand Red Bull is launching a line of organic soda that contain less caffeine than their energy drinks.

The makers of popular energy drink Red Bull are launching a line of USDA Organic-certified soda this year. As reported by Beverage Daily, beginning April 2, 2018, Red Bull will offer an organic soda line called “Organics” by Red Bull.

The soda will be sold in “simply cola” and caffeine-free varieties including flavors like ginger ale, bitter lemon, and tonic water. The cola is the only caffeinated option, and USA Today reports that it will contain only 32 milligrams of caffeine, which is much less than the 80 milligrams found in a serving of Red Bull.

“Red Bull saw the opportunity and need for a premium, organic soda line that would offer consumers a complementary product with the same quality ingredients and a taste that the brand is known for,” said a Red Bull spokesperson to Beverage Daily.

If you’re looking for that Red Bull taste, but with a twist, Red Bull is also rolling out new glow-in-the-dark cans for festival season using UV blacklight technology. However if you’re making the switch to the Organics line, the product will be on store shelves in April in San Diego and certain parts of North Carolina and will also be available online through Amazon. You can buy one soon — unless you’ve finally stopped drinking soda.

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