Quidditch and 8 Other Ways You Never Knew You Could Play Beer Pong

These are not your grandfather’s drinking games
Quidditch and 8 Other Ways You Never Knew You Could Play Beer Pong

The frat boy-famous drinking game of tossing ping-pong balls into a cup has morphed into a whole new ball game.

Nothing says house party like a good game of beer pong. The drinking game involving a stack of Solo cups, a ping-pong ball, and a whole lot of beer is a rite of passage for American college kids and could be the easiest game in the world to master. How’d it all get started? Word on the street is that a Dartmouth College fraternity conceptualized it in the 1950s. Kids at Bucknell University morphed it into a version with paddles, and by 1983, kids at Lehigh dropped the paddles and called it “Beirut” in bad-taste honor of the bombings in Lebanon.

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It doesn’t end there. Today, you can transform beer pong into a whole slew of new games with just a few props and a decent British accent. Yes, the frat party game that has defined a generation has morphed, yet again, into a whole new ball game — literally.

Harry Potter fans have put their own spin on things by creating the Quidditch version of beer pong, complete with a golden snitch pong ball with wings and spell casting. The end goal is to get 100 points, but getting there isn’t going to be as easy as bouncing a ball into a cup. For example, one spell demands that a victim shoot without looking. Another allows the balls to become "invisible" so you can shoot them wherever you like and however you like. Sound too complicated? Then opt for Plinkong, which has the same rules as traditional beer pong, only your ball must travel through a Plinko board before hitting the cups.

Why all the changes to the easiest game on the planet? Who cares! Let’s play some pong!



First, you’ll need to make three hoops out of yellow duct tape and old wire hangers. Set up your cups and split into houses. If the quaffle (ball) goes through a hoop and makes it in the cup, it counts as two (much as if the ball were to bounce). However, the opposing team is allowed to use bludgers (hands) to knock the ball out of the way once it gets through the hoop. Teams can use spells (up to four per team) whenever they want, and there are a bunch of them. When there is just one cup left, the snitch comes into play. First team to 100 wins.

Battle Shots


Battle Ship meets beer pong. Imagine if the two were played at the same time. This is that game. Set up shots as you would ships, and attempt to “sink” your opponent’s shots.