U.K. Pub Receives Glowing 1-Star Review

U.K. Pub The Antelope made light of a review that was intended to dissuade potential patrons from going but actually highlighted the bar's excellent service and bevy of beverage options. The comment was left in a Google Review of the Surbiton, London location by someone called Trace RT about a month ago.

"Looked okay from outside," they wrote. "Too many local unknown beers to choose from once inside though. No Stella, Kronenberg etc or any popular global beer."

"We stayed for one pint and left to a proper pub that does well known beers. Bit of a hippy/ trendy crowd too which wasn't impressive. Also bar man far too enthusiastic and excited about selection of beers."

The Antelope took a screenshot of the review and posted it to their social media with the caption, "Happy to be a one star pub if this person's idea of a five star pub is anything to go by!" followed by a "face with tears of joy" emoji. Their post went viral and received over 700 likes and over 100 shares.

Subsequently the pub also received a ton of support and interest after sharing the one-star review bemoaning their attentive service, hip atmosphere, and wide selection of drinks.

"Great advert for The Antelope here. We're all going there now," commented a Facebook user.

"They probably headed to McDonalds afterwards for some 'global cuisine,'" someone added about the original poster.

"How dare you offer a wide and regularly changing variety of ales and ciders? You're bringing the whole neighborhood right down," joked another.

The Daily Meal reached out to the pub's director Rich Craig, who told us, "I was happy to receive a review which shone a light on all of the things that we pride ourselves on at The Antelope – supporting local independent businesses, training our staff to be passionate about what we do and being a hub within our community attracting a diverse range of customers."

Craig said it was too early to tell if the review had impacted The Antelope's sales negatively or positively but added, "As a small business we are delighted by the positive response on social media."

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