Pizza Hut Beer Delivery Expands To 5 New States

Pizza Hut is broadening its beer delivery to five new states months after it expanded from its original test site in Arizona to parts of California. Residents of Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina and Ohio plus new regions of Arizona and California can order bottled beer from 300 additional restaurants by mid-January.

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The expansion comes just before Super Bowl LIII on February 3 because, according to data obtained by the chain, 86 percent of participants said they plan to serve both pizza and beer at their viewing party. Plus, Pizza Hut is the official sponsor of the NFL, after all. But the fun doesn't stop there. According to a release, Pizza Hut has plans to roll out beer delivery to 1,000 more locations across several markets by summer 2019.

So what's on the menu? A Pizza Hut spokesperson told The Daily Meal that customers can snag two- and six-packs of Blue Moon, Bud Light, Budweiser, Busch Light, Coors Light, Corona Extra, Kilt Lifter, Michelob Ultra, Miller Lite, Miller High Life, Shock Top and Stella Artois. Price points vary by market, but two-packs will likely cost anywhere from $3 to $5 and six-packs are estimated to set you back $6 to $12.

So what we're saying is: You can now get pizza and beer without having to put pants on or leave the couch. Looks like we've just gained another excuse to drink a beer every day.