Gritty The Philadelphia Flyers Mascot Is Getting His Own Beer

The Philadelphia Flyers introduced their new mascot, Gritty, in late September, and the character's appearance has made him the butt of endless internet jokes and memes as well as the object of much affection. Depending on your perspective, the bright orange beast with a crazed facial expression is either semi-cute or full-blown terrifying thanks to his wild googly eyes and open-mouth smile. He's become such a sensation that a Pennsylvania brewery named a new beer for him just days after his debut. They're calling it... Nightmare Fuel.

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Broken Goblet Brewing in Bristol will be releasing the limited-edition beer on October 13; Nightmare Fuel is a "lightly hopped cream ale brewed with vanilla and 'bruised and bloodied' oranges." The bottle's artwork features an up-close look at Gritty's terrifying face. The mascot has a bruised eye, tiny, spaced-out teeth, and two holes where his nose would be, like a human skull. Spooky!

Broken Goblet had previously joked that the beer would be produced in partnership with the NHL team, which they later had to clarify as several people did not understand their sarcasm.

Broken Goblet co-owner Mike LaCouture explained in an email to The Daily Meal how the brewery managed to honor the newly introduced Gritty with a beer so quickly. "I spend pretty much the entire day in front of a computer screen, so when something happens in pop culture or sports, we are able to act fast, if desired," LaCouture explained. "Mark Salmon, the artist, is somewhat 'on call' and will turn things within 24 hours."

According to their Facebook, the brewery will also put out T-shirts with the Gritty design due to the big fan response. The beer will cost $13 for a 32-ounce can, or $6 per pint in the Broken Goblet brewpub. People seem to love Gritty, so could they love this beer enough that it becomes one of the 101 best beers in America?