PepsiCo's Latest Beverage Requires A Special $20 Bottle

PepsiCo has released what may be the most involved soft drink experience ever. Unlike many PepsiCo products, you won't find this beverage-pod-bottle combination in a grocery store or a vending machine — it's only available online. "Drinkfinity," as it is so named, is PepsiCo's latest endeavor, and you'll need a special water bottle just to drink it.

Drinkfinity's website describes the set of beverage pods and the container as "a drink for every you." It offers 12 different flavored pods full of natural ingredients like ginseng, ginger, and spirulina to flavor your beverage. They are organized by the categories "Charge," "Chill,"" Flow," and "Renew" and are meant to be mixed with water in the special PepsiCo contraption to create flavors like "coconut watermelon" and "mango chia."

The water bottle costs $20 and works somewhat similarly to a Keurig. Drinkfinity users take their pods — which feature two compartments, one holding juice and the other dry ingredients such as chia seeds or green coffee extract — and pop them on to the top of their fancy water bottles, where the pods are punctured. The bottle is then meant to be shaken to combine your pod flavor with the liquid you have selected to fill your bottle.

The water bottle and its various pods can be ordered separately or in packs online.

According to the website, the pods use 65 percent less packaging than a regular 20-ounce drink bottle. Plus, the Drinkfinity water bottle is re-usable and, according to Delish, easy to clean. Making a conscious effort to be environmentally friendly? Read up on the 10 reasons you shouldn't drink bottled water.