Pedialyte’s New Fizzy Drink Promises Hangover Hydration

The morning after just got bubbly

Hyrdation! Is! Important!

Pedialyte has always been marketed to sick children who need hydrating fast, but everyone knows adults have been chugging it for years to get rid of their hangovers as quickly as possible. Now boozers can enjoy a brand-new drink as fizzy as the vodka sodas they regret from the night before.

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There’s no denying that people are obsessed with sparkling water right now, so Pedialyte created a Sparkling Rush powder pack that you can throw in a bottle of water. It’s fizzy and comes in cherry or grape — which are arguably the worst flavors, but it’s fine. The new item arrives just in time for flu season, but can also be used to combat air travel woes and “even those late nights out with friends.” Wink wink.

When you get dehydrated, you need to replenish with electrolytes and essential minerals like sodium and potassium unless you want to suffer from headache, fatigue, dizziness, etc. We all know the drill. (And if you don't, here are 10 signs you are dehydrated and how to hydrate fast.)

Many people turn to Gatorade to get rid of cottonmouth and pounding unsaturated brains in the a.m., but Pedialyte claims it has twice as many electrolytes and half the sugar as “leading sports drinks.” So if you’re scared of the dentist and like bubbles in your flavored water, this could be the thing for you.


Fans can find Sparkling Rush packets at Target and Meijer grocery stores nationwide, as well as online at Amazon. If you’re a strong independent woman who doesn’t give a heck about Pedialyte, drink some water! If you don’t, you could experience these obnoxious side effects.