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Get a Fizzy Bath Bomb-Style Cocktail in New York City

This ‘bath bomb’ of drink ingredients fizzes when it hits liquid

Although they may look – and react – like the latest bath bomb from Lush, these should not, in fact, be added to your bathtub the next time you need to relax. Instead, these brightly colored balls fizz when added to a spirit, helping you unwind with a perfectly blended cocktail instead.

Cody Goldstein, of Muddling Memories, created Cocktail Fizzers, seven flavored mixers that dissolve like an Alka-Seltzer tablet when they hit liquid. Intrigued? These never-before-attempted curiosities are being offered at New York City’s members-only Norwood club from now until National Margarita Day on February 22.

The first of their kind mixers use natural ingredients to create flavors inspired by top contenders in Patron's Margarita of the Year competition. Cocktail flavors include margarita, passion fruit and jalapeño, lychee and chia, tomato and thyme, celery and elderflower, pickled plum and kelp tea, and orange marmalade and sherry.



“Because no one has ever made edible cocktail fizzers inspired by cocktails before, I was working in the dark,” Goldstein told us, “so to say there was a ton of trial and error would be an understatement.”

An early attempt to shape and harden the fizzers ended in disaster.

“I thought putting the fizzers into the freezer would be a great way to harden them, so I decided to add them into ice cube molds to shape them,” Goldstein said. “When I came back to check on them three hours later the moisture from the freezer had activated the fizzers and I had a sea of green foam all over the inside. Huge fail!”

Goldstein has become the city’s go-to guy for whimsical cocktails. For the last few years, he’s helped transform the NYLO hotel bar for the holidays with cocktails served in candy machines and versions that toast marshmallows.

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Reservations to get a fizzing cocktail are now open and can be made via email. For now, a cocktail fizzer can only be had in person (one for $30 or all seven for $200), but until and if we ever get to use these at home, try an easy cocktail to make at home.